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4 Paws for Ability Miami (4 Paws Miami)

Help us fulfill 4 Paws for Ability's mission to take the dis out of disABILITY!

Academic Team (MUAT)

The Academic Team seeks to promote academic excellence through quiz bowl competition with regularly held meetings and competitions around the country.

Accounting Association

The Accounting Association of Miami University is to provide information to members about the accounting profession from professionals, former students, and businesses.

Acoustics for Charity, Miami (MAC)

This organization has not yet updated their description.

Active Minds

We help provide the campus with a wide range of programming to educate others about mental health, connect students to resources and change negative perceptions of mental illness. We hope to change the way people view mental health.

Actuarial Science Club

The Actuarial Science Club is a group of students interested in pursuing a career in actuarial science. The club provides networking opportunities with local employers, support for actuarial exams, and leadership and social opportunities.

Adopt A School (AAS)

Adopt A School is the largest tutoring/volunteering organization on campus. The purpose of Adopt A School is to decrease the educational gap in America. Adopt A School has over 20 sites in southwestern Ohio and tutors serve grades K-12 as well as adults.

Advocates for Animals

Advocates for Animals aims to create better lives for those that we share this planet with. We not only strive to educate others on animal issues and conservation, but also to brainstorm and implement ideas to help with these issues.

African School Advancement Program (ASAP)

ASAP is an organization devoted to advancing primary and secondary education throughout Sub-Saharan Africa; domestically it seeks to promote and enhance cross-cultural awareness.

African Students' Union, Miami University (MUASU)

The Miami University African Students' Union (MUASU) works to promote awareness of the diverse cultures within the continent of Africa. ASU is open to ALL students of Miami University and encourages participation of faculty and the Oxford community.

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